1. In Zamora:

Most of the activities will take place in Zamora. Depending on weather conditions, there will be a wide range of activities: from all kind of open air sports: golf, tennis, padel, canoeing, sailing… to mountain trekking, literary routes, architectural routes etc.

Zamora is a town of monuments, you can find monuments of different styles, from Romanic to modernist. It´s got an amazing  cathedral going along a single street too.

Spanish Holy Week has been declared of International Touristic Interest since 1983




2. In the province


The centres, in cooperation with the regional tourism office have organized trips and cultural visits to different places in the province which are unique for their landscapes, fauna, monuments… Sanabria Lake (the only lake with a glacier origin), Duero gorges; La Culebra mountain range, La Colegiata in Toro, Mota castle, etc.




3. In the Autonomous Region

In cooperation with Castilla–León Governments the centre organizes cultural tours to the towns and cities in the autonomous region